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Atomic Pink (Trip Special)

Take advantage of our dank Trip Special flower.

Atomic Pink is an indica hybrid cross of Pink Kush, Chemdawg and THC Bomb. This flower has a flavor of super spicy wood with undertones of skunky diesel and an aroma of skunky pungent with undertones of fuel and pine.

The high will start by making you creative and putting you into a deeply relaxing state, leaving you slightly sedated and utterly couch-locked for hours and hours on end. Atomic Pink is great for treating conditions like depression, insomnia, stress, and inflammation.

If you’d like to buy this strain in half-ounce or ounce variants, add a half-ounce or ounce worth of quarters to your cart. Discounts will be calculated at checkout. You may also mix & match different strains and still receive the half-ounce & ounce discount.

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