Layer Cake Indica Hybrid Limitless Labs
Layer Cake
May 21, 2020
Misty Indica Limitless Labs Shatter
May 21, 2020


M-39 is a sativa cross of Purple Indica and Northern Lights. This strain has a flavor that smells and tastes just like fruit with a strong taste of pungent lemon and an aroma of sweet citrus with undertones of pungency.

The high instantly elevates your mood while giving you creative motivation and waves of euphoria all throughout your mind and body. M-39 is great for treating conditions like stress, anxiety, depression and pain.

Limitless Lab’s Shatter is made with 100% real bud and is fully purged, de-fatted and de-waxed.
Each Limitless Lab’s packaging contains 1 gram of shatter.

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