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Shatter Bombs 600mg


Euphoria Extractions’ cannabis-infused Sativa & Indica Shatter Bombs are made with 600mg lab-tested shatter. These delectable Euphoria Extraction chocolates are freshly made from patisserie-grade Belgian Ganache (a to-die-for creamy chocolate filling mastered by world-class chocolatiers) with lab-tested premium Full Spectrum Extract for your on-the-go needs! These chocolates will leave you with a sense of euphoric enlightenment and well-being.

DULCE DE LECHE: White & milk chocolate blended outer shell. Creamy butter & sweetened condensed milk are covered in a sphere of white chocolate.

HAZELNUT GANACHE: Hazelnut chocolate inside and milk chocolate outside. Our original take on a beloved classic will blow you away.

COOKIES N CREAM: Vanilla filling with white chocolate outside. A base of soft and chewy chocolate cookies mixed with butter, sugar & crushed vanilla frosting.

STRAWBERRY WAFER: Strawberry wafer inside enrobed with Ruby-Red chocolate outside. Covered in a layer of natural, fruity chocolate & their inside packs a crunch in the form of strawberry flavor.

Each Bomb contains 50mg of THC.
Each Bomb package contains 12 chocolate bomb pieces.
Dosage per package: 600mg THC

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